Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E)

Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) is an integrated function that helps improve performance and achieve project results. Its main objective is to protect the interest of the USAID through the contractual agreement with AECOM, serve the project theory of change, achieve deliverables and score high results in terms of project indicators.

The Team

Iman Ismael Elibyary, M&E Senior Advisor

Iman has 15 years of working experience in the field of development and specifically monitoring and evaluation. She has had the privilege to work in both the MENA region and North America in voter education, inclusive finance and disaster risk management, where she was fortunate to work in more than 20 different projects funded by the USAID, SIDA, UNHCR, GIZ and others. Additionally, she had the advantage to work on performance management of one of the biggest banks in Doha, Qatar, which gave her a fair perspective on working in monitoring and evaluation from both development and corporate angles.

Khaled Gamal, M&E Advisor

Khaled has 5 years of international development experience, mainly in Monitoring and Evaluation of Democracy and Governance, Economic Development, Public Sector Reform, and Automation-heavy projects. He contributed to 6 different projects funded by USAID, Ford Foundation, INL, and the Swiss OIC, amongst others. He has also built 3 startups in different sectors. This broad spectrum of experience enables him to be an intrapreneur in the international development context, and makes him capable of seeing things from the perspective of different parties, and creating win-win partnerships, which are essential to achieving the intended objectives of an intervention.


Helen Gabrah, M&E Assistant

Helen has been working in the development field for over than 5 years; where her experience differs between working in refugees, youth and women empowerment projects, under the umbrella of various donors such as UNHCR, USAID, UN Women and Caritas Secours Catholique.  She holds a Bachelor degree in “Political Science” and a Master Degree in “Gender and Development” from the Faculty of Economics and political Science. Her master’s thesis was about the “Impact of Displacement on the Change in Gender Roles of Female Refugees”.