Marketing - SCP

USAID SEED’s marketing team has recently followed a balanced strategy of focusing their tactics not only on the Public Sector Stakeholders in the ecosystem but also on the Private Sector thereby seeking new possibilities of impacting employment and income through the private sector.

The Marketing Sustainability Catalyst Program (SCP) is an integrated market approach aiming to serve the MSME and entrepreneurial ecosystem with technical assistance and capacity building to enhance their sustainability, revenue and employment generation especially after USAID SEED Project mandate ends. With a vision of the SCP is to create a Private Sector market system that is capable of self-sustainability & demand driven growth across different industries & value chains.

The main objective of USAID’s SEED SCP has been providing business and marketing consultation; mentorship, training and coaching using innovative demand driven strategies to raise the capacity of Startups; SMEs; Incubators; BDS; Financial Institutions; GOE and semi-quasi government authorities.


  • Developed 2 Branding Campaigns as a result of Mentoring and Coaching to Credit Guarantee Company CGC/FRA and KNKT SME Branding.
  • Mentored 17 Government; Quasi-Government and Private Sector Institutions.
  • Produced and delivered 7 video documentaries and 2 infographic videos. The videos were documenting various activities and events in interview story telling style. The documentaries covered TEKNE DRIFTS EGYPT TOUR; WEN; Business Women in Egypt Summit; Business Plan Competitions; FAB LAB.
  • Mentored and coached YALLANSADAR to perform direct Marketing Strategy that resulted in Revenue.  Yalla Nsadar generated 160,000 EGP in Q4 Year3 with baseline 38,000 EGP. Revenue growth:257% attributed to SEED
  • Further developed Mashrou3i Platform to include USAID SEED manuals.
  • USAID SEED met the deliverables of mobile technology tools introduced to expand BDS and incubators services by uploading 5 BDSs modules. and 2 Incubators modules on Mashrou3i Platform.
  • Designed Marketing tool kit for entrepreneurs and small time business owners as well as University Students and advanced vocational education entrepreneurs.

The Team

Mohamed Jaafar, Senior Marketing Advisor

Jaafar is an extremely accomplished marketing professional with 22 years of experience in Marketing, Sales, Communication and Business Development. He believes that good marketing means consistently ensuring the long-term viability of the projects he handles. As such, he has produced various successful and enduring results for high echelon clients including major Telecommunication companies across the globe, Internet service providers, E-commerce, Digital platforms, IT Solutions, Banking, Insurance and Real Estate, Fashion and lifestyle, Hospitals, Hotels, Manufacturing and Construction. Whilst everyone believes marketing a service is more challenging than a product, Jaafar believes the exact opposite is true. In addition to his local experience, Jaafar was part of a team handling various International brands including Kit Digital (listed on NASDAQ), Video Cairo Sat, Thomson Reuters, The Associated Press, World Farms (US), Automatic Holster (Spain), Zain (Jordan), Wind (Canada), Du (UAE) and Meditel (Morocco). Jaafar received a Bachelor’s Degree in International Relations from the AUC in 1998.