Enabling Business Environment

Focusing on improving the enabling environment (e.g. legal and regulatory reform) affecting MSMEs, USAID SEED assists in increasing the GOE’s capacity to understand and respond to enabling environment constraints. Our Business Enabling Environment (BEE) continues efforts to build the capacity of public and private sectors and boost their potential. The project provides demand-driven assistance, allowing GOE counterparts to prioritize areas in which it would most benefit from technical assistance; and emphasize apolitical technical assistance, for instance on conducting policy analysis and participating in public-private dialogue and conducting a Regulatory Impact Analysis ”RIA”.


  1. Increase GOE capacity to understand and respond to constraints in the enabling environment for MSME access to finance
  2. Increase GOE capacity to understand and respond to policy constraints to integrate MSMEs into value chains
  3. Strengthen capacity of GOE counterparts to undertake evidence-based policy reform


  • Enabling the Business Environment and Ease of Doing Business:
    SEED supported developing the amendments to Law 5/2015 to give preference to local products that contain at least 40% Egyptian components by adding 15% price differential when applying for public tenders in the total, which aimed to include enforcing mechanisms that can prevent public procurement departments from ignoring the law. To promote awareness of the law, 13 awareness sessions were held for 9 GOE Ministries and 16 industrial chambers for around 500 participants.
  • SEED is currently working to improve small business access to information and technology; reduce bureaucratic procedures by supporting automation of services that allow SMEs to receive law 5 “giving preference for Egyptian products certificate” and “export promotion fund certificates’”. Thus, should improve the quality of services Industrial development Authority “IDA” and Federation of Egyptian Industries are providing for SMEs, saving time and costs, in addition to raising quality of services.
  • SEED supports policy reform approaches by focusing on public private dialogue sessions, that include parliamentarians, government ministries, private sector champions, Academia, universities, research centers and other relevant entities that would support the policy dialogue on MSMEs issues to come up with initiatives and recommendations policy makers could take into account when issuing new laws or regulations.
  • SEED supports business policy agenda to improve entrepreneurs and MSMEs access to finance by proposing ideas that could include legalizing new financing mechanisms such as Crowdfunding, simplified tax systems for MSMEs, angel investments networks, franchising and other relevant ideas.
  • SEED provided training sessions for both private sector and government entities supporting SMEs on various mechanisms could promote the business environment such as the Regulatory Impact assessment “RIA” which can increase the quality of drafting laws and regulation. In addition to developing a complete track for advocacy mechanisms, that private sector could make use of to advocate for their interests. At the same time, training gov. entities on how to respond to these advocacy efforts and guide it in a way that enhance and maximize the results and benefits for both sides.
  • SEED also supported the Financial Regulatory Authority and Ministry of Justice in training around 260 judges and prosecutors from the Economic Court, General Attorney office on financial laws, bankruptcy law, regulatory impact assessment and capital markets law.

The team

Amira Shoukry, Senior Advisor

Amira has 18 years of experience in various fields of the development sector. Her principal responsibilities focus on promoting the business environment for entrepreneurs and MSEMs in Egypt through working with government authorities and key private sector champions. Amira holds a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from Alexandria University, an MBA degree from Georgia State University and is currently enrolled in a doctorate program in Ain Shams University.


Mai Salah, Program Assistant

Mai’s previous experience was in USAID projects and private sector. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science from Faculty of Economics and Political Sciences, Cairo University, 2007. She earned a Diploma in Management of Non- Governmental Organizations, 2013. Mai’s work in the development sector gives her a lot of opportunities to make a difference.