DT Global

As of July 26, 2019, the former international development arm of AECOM, Development Transformations, and the Global Peace and Development (GPD) Charitable Trust have joined together to form DT Global, a new independent international development consulting firm. Built on more than 50 years of combined experience, DT Global transforms lives around the world by applying ingenuity, data-driven research, and passion to its portfolio of more than 180 global projects.

With corporate offices in the USA, Spain, and Australia, DT Global’s portfolio spans more than 90 countries, with dedicated project offices in 31 countries and over 700 talented technical experts in every region of the world. The DT Global family – made up of DT Global, the non-profit DT Institute, and the GPD Charitable Trust – represents an international cadre of development experts able to rapidly mobilize resources, deliver innovative solutions across sectors, and adapt programming for greater impact in real time.

In Egypt, DT Global is an implementing partner in USAID’s SEED project, providing sustainable technical support to business providers, entrepreneurs, and micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) to help develop new business ideas, strengthen essential business development services (BDS), introduce new financial tools, and enhance financial literacy and management. SEED is improving access to essential financing, information and technology; reducing bureaucratic procedures; addressing policies that impact ease of doing business; expanding and improving public one-stop shops responsible for business registration and licensing; and providing women entrepreneurs with knowledge, mentorship, resources, and networking with key stakeholders and angel investors both locally and globally. In Egypt and around the world, DT Global is pioneering a new way of doing international development and transforming lives beyond expectation.