Current Vacancies


  • Accountant/Sub-Grants Officer (Cairo, Egypt)

Overall Responsibilities


The Accountant/Sub–grants Officer will focus on three primary activities. 

  • Works with the SEED Grants Manager and Financial Manager in applying USAID and AECOM accounting and grants rules and regulations in monitoring the performance and operations of SEED Entrepreneurship and Innovation Fund (EIF) grants. This includes being responsible for ensuring grantees comply with the compliance and reporting terms of their agreements with the AECOM, prepare grants agreements with sub-grantees according to USAID’s and AECOM’s policies and procedures, and support them in strengthening their financial management and administration capacity. This includes conducting financial assessments, monitoring reporting, performing site visits, and providing technical assistance and training.
  • Assist the Financial Manager and COP in preparing the annual SEED budget as well as monitoring SEED’s financial performance against budget throughout the year.
  • Serves as a surge resource to the Financial Manager during times of heavy activity where additional accounting capacity is required. The Accountant/Sub-grants Officer will report to the Finance Manager and will be based in Cairo, Egypt.



  • University degree in a relevant major
  • 3-5 years of relevant experience, preferably with donor-funded projects
  • Strong familiarity with USAID projects financial procedures
  • Sound knowledge of applicable taxes and social insurance laws, codes and regulations
  • Good knowledge of grants management and budget preparation
  • Excellent knowledge of Microsoft Office and Accounting Software Systems
  • Fluent English and Arabic
  • Strong Communication skills
  • Ability to work under tight deadlines
  • Attention to details and accuracy 

DEADLINE FOR RECEIVING CVs is EOD September 22, 2018.
Interested applicants should submit their CVs mentioning the vacancy name in the e-mail subject to e-mail address:
• Only short-listed candidates will be contacted
• Applications received after the closing date will not be considered

  • ICT Platform Senior Advisor (Cairo, Egypt)

Overall Responsibilities


Responsible for working within the different contractors, stakeholders and SEED components to enhance the development and launch of an online ICT platform that comprehensively and sustainably supports the information needs of Egyptian MSMEs and entrepreneurs, as well as utilization of online channels to improve visibility and drive traffic & other performance standards. The responsibility will also include maintain the business and marketing plan for online or offline sales experiences by analyzing, reviewing, recommending and implementing digital strategies and tactics including optimization for conversion and SEO as well as focusing on local search optimization, third party websites and online paid advertising. It is intended that the ICT platform will be owned by a third party to whom SEED acts as a developer and advisor, in order for it to be market-sustainable after the end of the SEED project.



  • Applicant must be Egyptian
  • University degree 
  • 5-7 years experience
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office products including Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint
  • Ability to analyze content and functionality of websites
  • Ability to manage content
  • Excellent interpersonal skills including strong verbal, listening and written communication
  • Self-motivated with the ability to handle multiple ongoing projects in a fast-paced team environment
  • Ability to work independently on projects and also collaborate as a strong team member
  • Excellent attention to detail, flexible and adaptable to changes
  • Excellent organizational, time-management and analytical skills
  • Ability to meet the demands of the work schedule, to be at work and on time (may occasionally require the ability to work outside of regularly scheduled hours; schedules may vary based on business need) 
  • Experience in writing technical documentation 


Preferred and Required Experience

  • At least two years of experience in search engine optimization with proven ability to achieve top search engine rankings
  • Ability to ensure ICT product’s functionality and perform software updates
  • Ability to monitor, assess and report on website, mobile application and ICT platform performance
  • Handling online marketing projects ranging from SEO to social media marketing
  • Proven conceptual skills in thinking creatively about solving problems and realizing opportunities 
  • Software development background is a plus
  • Able to work under pressure, meet deadlines, and handle the frustrations of soliciting data and information in Egypt 

DEADLINE FOR RECEIVING CVs is EOD September 24 2018.
Interested applicants should submit their CVs mentioning the vacancy name in the e-mail subject to e-mail address:
• Only short-listed candidates will be contacted
• Applications received after the closing date will not be considered

  • Plastics/Auto Feeding Industries Value Chain Development Advisor (Cairo, Egypt)


Overall Responsibilities 

SEED’s Component C builds on the business and financial skills strengthening work conducted under Components A and B by providing targeted technical assistance to MSMEs, sector/industry associations, and financial institutions to facilitate MSME integration into progressive value chains. One of the most important outcomes of Component C is fostering mutual understanding and sustainable relationships/linkages between MSMEs (suppliers) and large corporations (buyers). To do this, SEED works with and build the capacity and outreach of both public and private organizations supporting MSMEs as well as corporate and government entities with the interest and/or mandate to subcontract MSMEs for the provision of goods and services. The Plastics/Automotive Sector Advisor will participate in the identification, planning, and execution of SEED’s key private sector-led interventions that facilitate and support sustainable integration of MSMEs in selected value chains within identified industries/sectors (Plastics and Auto Feeding Industries) or targeted value chains.



  • 5-7 years of relevant experience on development of small, medium and large enterprises across different industrial sectors 
  • A university degree in engineering, business or related field. A postgraduate degree or specialized professional certification is a plus
  • Demonstrated understanding of the private sector and experience brokering partnerships of the private sector and development agencies
  • Proven experience in project management: advising and coaching with demonstrated ability to work collaboratively with staff and partners in a cross-cultural environment and a strong track record in meeting deliverables and deadlines
  • Demonstrated experience in analyzing market needs, identifying constraints and designing interventions to address root causes
  • Demonstrated ability to work collaboratively with order implementers and teams including activities in different sectors such as agriculture, textile, manufacturing, energy, construction and food
  • Strong communications, analytical, writing and interpersonal skills 
  • A thorough and current understanding of the Egyptian private sector and ability to provide analysis on the market development needs
  • Knowledge of the Egyptian economy and the role MSMEs played in Egypt
  • Knowledge of the best value chain development models and implementation processes
  • Experience of how, where, and when to best access value chains on behalf of the MSME community
  • An understanding of the additional issues facing Women and Youth in Egypt
  • Experience in working with established private corporations in their supply chain procurement and CSR activities is strongly preferred 
  • An understanding of constraints in Egyptian market with respect to obtaining the interest and commitment of both corporates and MSMEs when facilitating backward and forward business linkages is strongly preferred
  • Experience working in underserved areas throughout Egypt is preferred 
  • Willingness to travel to Governates within Egypt
  • A broad network of leading corporations is preferred
  • Fluent English (verbal and written) 

Interested applicants should submit their CVs mentioning the vacancy name in the e-mail subject to e-mail address:
• Only short-listed candidates will be contacted
• Applications received after the closing date will not be considered


  • Fish Processing and Value-Added Solutions Study (Cairo, Egypt)


Overall Responsibilities

  • Meet with USAID-SEED COP, Component Lead, Fishery Value Chain Development Advisor as well USSEC team to get an understanding of SEED’s focus, activities and constraints relevant to the objectives expressed in this SOW 
  • Work closely with the Component C Team to develop an action plan and timeline for the assignment
  • Review all available prior reports, including the SEED Value Chain Assessment and Selection Report, USSEC and those funded by the donor community and others relevant to the Fishery value chain in Egypt 
  • Conduct interviews and consultation sessions, focus group discussions, roundtable meetings or visits with representatives of key VC stakeholders to: 1. Identify the underlying reasons for bottlenecks/constraints that prevent the fishery value chain from creating an advantage towards processing and to develop new products or add value for the Egyptian farmed fish and integrate into the value chain 2. Identify opportunities that have the potential to support the fish processing direction and develop value adding solutions 3. Define required interventions to address the reasons identified for bottlenecks and constraints through developing processing solutions for Egyptian farmed fish, value adding techniques, developed packaging alternatives, etc. 4. Assess the capacity of Egyptian fishery value chain to implement the developed processing and value adding solutions as well packaging and other recommended interventions and solutions
  • Identify in details the best Egyptian farmed fish items to be processed with the recommended processing techniques, packaging solutions, value adding solutions as well marketing channels and potential local and international markets
  • Deliver technical support, on-job training and coaching efforts for the Egyptian fishery value chain stakeholders for prototyping and implementation of the recommended techniques and solutions 
  • Deliver a comprehensive design and illustration for the processing unit either pre-processing, smoking or other solution including layout, design, infrastructure, recommended locations in different governorates, logistics, standard operating procedures, requirements to be complied with food safety requirements or global trade requirements
  • Identify in details the marketing channels and opportunities for the new developed products 
  • Participate in a workshop organized and facilitated by USAID-SEED with broader representation of value chain stakeholders to present the report and conclusions, and proposed interventions. The purpose of the workshop is to validate the results of the study and to articulate USAID-SEED’s development interventions approach 
  • Deliver a comprehensive training session for the new developed processing techniques and value adding solutions for the Egyptian fishery value chain stakeholders followed by on-job training sessions and coaching efforts to develop the proto typing products;  Develop a report of the fishery value chain that includes the outline, among others: 1. Assessment of the Egyptian farmed fish value chain that should include but not be limited to current status, bottlenecks/constraints and potential opportunities for processing and value adding solutions profile. 2. Illustration of the processing techniques, value adding solutions and packaging or other alternatives in details showing all of the stages, inputs, outputs, value and activities 3. Identifying and categorizing the key market players and supporting organizations which will support the implementation of the developed solutions and techniques as processing companies, retailers’ chains, restaurants, etc. 4. Illustration of market channels through which products reach the final customer and end markets. 5. Illustration of best pricing techniques and the costing process for the newly developed added value products. 6. Illustrate the exporting opportunities for the products and the potential markets. 
  • Develop a report on the overall assignment findings, conclusions and recommendations for follow on work by USAID-SEED  Be available to the COP and USAID-SEED to contribute to meetings, presentations including a presentation to USAID and other activities as requested


  • University degree in management, administration, economics, agribusiness/economics, social science, business or any other related fields 
  • At least 10 years of experience in food industries including Fishery and Fish Processing 
  • Prior experience in Value Chains development including mapping, assessment and analysis 
  • Prior experience with development projects of Fishery Value Chain in and processing and have conducted studies and analysis of the value chain
  • Excellent attention to detail demonstrated through strong analytical skills 
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills 
  • Experience working in dynamic and developing contexts 
  • Experience as a facilitator of professional meetings, forums and events 
  • Must be proficient in writing, reading and speaking in English and Arabic 
  • Awareness of and experience with gender-related aspects of value chain development is preferable

Interested applicants should submit their CVs mentioning the vacancy name in the e-mail subject to e-mail address:
• Only short-listed candidates will be contacted
• Applications received after the closing date will not be considered