As part of the Women Entrepreneurs’ Network (WEN) core objectives, USAID’s SEED, in cooperation with the Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center (TIEC), held a four-day mentorship training entitled WEN Mentorship Program – Sep 8-11 for women entrepreneurs and businesswomen, at TIEC’s premise.

The purpose of the training was to enable women in leadership positions to mentor female-led startups/entrepreneurs from different governorates, in their early business stages to scale up their enterprises and reach their potential. The training was delivered by Life Coach Egypt, a highly accredited coaching and mentoring company, and was attended by 24 businesswomen from diverse sectors and various fields of specialization such as Human Resources, Business Development and Entrepreneurship.

The program’s methodology was interactive and participatory, and in addition to having the opportunity to connect with each other, Mentors benefited by learning about mentorship dynamics, strengthening of their communication skills, learning about behavioral patterns and how to share their experience to benefit others and build relationships with their mentees.

Following the mentorship program, USAID’s SEED will organize speed-mentoring sessions for the mentees and mentors in order to match the mentee with the most suitable mentor to prepare for the one-on-one mentoring sessions that will take place between the mentee and mentor for the three months to follow.

Hala Hattab, Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation at BUE:This USAID’s SEED WEN Mentorship Program was really beneficial for me. Meeting different women from different paths in life, receiving the knowledge and practicing it. It was amazing how we interacted on a human level. We have put our judgements and prejudice aside before getting into the room. We were human dealing together despite our strengths & weaknesses. This program will help me help other women by empowering them, supporting them and connecting with them”.

Dalia Abdallah, Team Head of Business Innovation at the joint Egyptian-German Promotion of Small and Medium Enterprises (PSME) GIZ: “The USAID’s SEED WEN Mentorship Program was a self-discovery transformative journey. Looking forward to have the opportunity to help others go through the same journey together”.

Lobna Reda, Ex-President of The Women’s Association of Cairo:This program was an amazing intellectual and emotional experience. A mini-journey of self-rediscovery; many new paths of research opened to further explore in the field of mentoring; much gained new knowledge; a rich network of like-minded women – but above all connecting on the human level with beautiful human beings who are all committed to help and support other women on the road to their own success and fulfillment”.

Nevine Nakhla, Managing Director of El Gondy Trading: “The WEN program implemented by USAID – SEED is one of the best initiatives in Egypt to empower and mentor women entrepreneurs. The four- day training were spent in positive energy and adding competencies to a selection of women mentors that I am proud of each and every one of them. Giving back to Egyptian women. Entrepreneurs with a passion and competency is a gift from WEN. Thank you SEED – USAID”.

Mirette Zaki, Group HR Director at Giza Systems: I graduated as an engineer. Since then I have been working in male-dominated industries. All my role models whom I looked up to were men. But by attending USAID’s SEED WEN Mentorship Program, I had a chance to get to know really powerful women. Now I have role models who are only women and maybe one day I can be as good as they are. I have learnt through these sessions how to start the journey of helping others and maybe becoming a role model one day myself”.

Zeinab El Ashry, Founder of Entaleqi Platform:By attending this Program, I learnt that it’s never too late to try new things to achieve your goals. Now I’m committed to support and help other women achieve their goals”.

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