WEN initiates a Women’s Angel Investors Network

Cairo, May 29, 2019- The Women Entrepreneurship Network of USAID’s SEED, in cooperation with the Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center (TIEC), held a roundtable discussion at the Marriott Hotel on how to launch a Women Angel Investment Network. The roundtable aimed at gathering knowledge from existing angel investment networks and leading women investors in Egypt.

Angel investors are usually an affluent group of people who provide capital for startups to back them up at initial stages where other investors are reluctant to do so because of the high risk associated with startups. WEN is initiating a women’s angel investors’ network to boost the number of women entrepreneurs in the market.

The roundtable was attended by the Egyptian Angels Investors Association (Malaikah), a leading angel investment association, along with several prominent female entrepreneurs who were initially funded by angel investors. Both parties shared their knowledge and experience on the topic, which further enriched the discussion.

Discussions highlighted the importance of angel investment in helping entrepreneurs land their first investment as well as its provision of mentorship that is necessary for their business expansion. Angels usually contribute much more than pure cash – they often have industry knowledge and contacts that they pass on to entrepreneurs.

Discussions also emphasized the importance of conducting trainings on the mechanisms of angel investment in order to induct more investors to work with entrepreneurs.

USAID’s SEED plans to hold monthly networking meetings for angel investors, and conduct trainings for all potential angel investors and champions. Moreover, awareness and outreach sessions will be held in other governorates in order to reach more angel investors.

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