SEED opens three more One-Stop-Shops

USAID SEED Project inaugurated this month two One Stop Shops “Tamayoz” in Mansoura, and Tanta to facilitate and improve the quality and timeliness of the enterprise’s registration process. The Project is also following up on the revamping of three other OSSs that were established in Cairo, Sohag and Qalyubia with the support of the USAID.

SMEs are often faced with the hurdle of having to go through a very long and tiring process to get their new business registered, these shops acts as a one stop service for entrepreneurs to register their businesses and through it they are assigned a customer services officer to handle the entire registration process without having to go back and forth between employees in different windows or floors. This in turn reduces bureaucratic measures which makes a lot of entrepreneurs reluctant to go through.

Services offered by these OSSs are mainly the Chamber of Commerce Certificate, Commercial Registry document and tax document, client can receive the three documents in less than 45 minutes.

According to Dr. Hassan El-Gogary, SEED’s Senior Advisor in OSS & Government Relations, improvements of the already existing OSS were done in terms of enhancing the operation process of the OSS as well as solving pending IT problems. The project also provided technical support in the form of experts in establishing OSSs, recruiting staff members who match the agreed upon standards as well as training for the customer service staff.

To ensure sustainability of the OSSs, Dr. El-Gogary said that a complete marketing plan was developed. Financial and administrative regulations were drafted for the center to proceed with reaching its objectives in an efficient manner. The center’s financial sustainability is also guaranteed through imposing a service charge in return for the services offered. A motivational plan is set for employees as well to raise their performance levels and to make sure they adhere to quality standards to provide exceptional customer service.

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