Company Day” Matchmaking Event – Fashion Design Marketplace Program

April 10, 2019 – To increase the impact of the Fashion Design Marketplace program, USAID’s SEED in cooperation with Fashion Design Center (FDC) conducted a second matchmaking event “Company Day” on April 10 with 43 participants from 14 MSMEs, RMG Value Chain stakeholders and FDC designers. The matchmaking resulted in 14 linkages created between MSMEs and the FDC designers trained by USAID SEED on the latest design techniques, and a potential integration of 44 new designs to MSMEs’ latest collections.

USAID’s SEED first matchmaking event had taken place on Jan-15, and had resulted in 8 linkages between designers from FDC & 8 MSMEs. The total number of linkages created between the FDC trained designers and MSMEs from both matchmaking events is therefore now 22.

The Fashion Design Marketplace Program is a capacity-building program implemented in cooperation with the Italian fashion design expert Pier Luigi Mosconi, who successfully trained 18 designers from FDC students.

The main objective of the Matchmaking Events is to increase the ability of the Fashion Design Marketplace Program graduates to market their products locally and internationally, and create new designs for RMG MSMEs based on their needs, thus boosting their revenues and employment capacity.

Feedback received from Egyptian manufacturers participants and designers was promising, for the creation of additional linkages between FDC designers and RMG MSMEs to meet their needs and facilitate local and international market penetration within the fashion Egyptian industry, as illustrated on the table.

Served MSMEs 14
Total no. of new designs expected to be sold/added to MSMEs new collection 44
No. of Attendees 31 Females 13 Males
No. of Designers 10 Females   2 Males


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