Youth Entrepreneurship Networks in Kafr EL-Sheikh and Sohag

March 15-16, 2019 – Sixty young people (30 from Kafr El Sheikh and 30 from Sohag with 37 out of them females) spent two days in Cairo, creating strategic plan and design of youth Entrepreneurship network hub, being a central location for young people on entrepreneurship.

The Youth Network Hubs will be created as a part of the project between SEED project & Youth and Development Consultancy Institute Etijah, with a 800,000 EGP funding from USAID & mandate for 2018-2019, to raise awareness on entrepreneurship enhancing the capacities of youth, with a spotlight on women, to become community leaders.

The Youth Network Hubs’ mission is to facilitate networking between entrepreneurs with services providers, preparing entrepreneurs for different opportunities and promoting entrepreneurship among youth especially young women.  These hubs will provide free services with certain advantages in the beginning until granted income through mentorship & ideation.

The 60 participants were chosen by Etijah through an online forum “Call for Hub Membership”. Seven-hundred persons responded and were asked to send videos of why they are keen to join the program among other things and the sixty were chosen based on their dedication.

The 60 participates were given an orientation of the program with TOT as well as capacity building training to strengthen their background on entrepreneurship and cascade it to their local networks of youth.

In the event, the participants came up with a strategic plan and design of the youth network hubs to be established in Kafr El-Sheikh and Sohag.  They also elected the leadership (president, two vice-presidents and heads of committees) of each hub and created yearlong action plan along with activities targeted for young people.

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